President Message

We stand for Values, Ethics and Honesty

President Message

An educational institution is a temple where you may get knowledge and wisdom. This should be the spirit in the minds of all faculty members and students, which will lead to perfection and faster rate of growth and success in life.

We believe in value based education, caring for human values and professional ethics. We know that knowledge is the best thing that you can acquire for entire life time, as an endless endeavor.

The College is committed to equip the students with new technologies and skills to meet challenges posed by the ever changing competitive environment. The College maintains a culture of good discipline, behavior, dress code and punctuality among students.

I am sure that our students will come out with flying colours as complete professionals with good personality and education to achieve success in life. I wish all the students a very bright future.

Girdhar Gopal
President of KCMT Campus 2 Charitable Foundation