Polytechnic Department

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Diploma in Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is all about the infrastructural development and design techniques. The root of civilization is based on civil engineering. India is a developing country and is taking many infrastructural development works in urban as well as rural areas. A Diploma holder in civil engineering, as junior engineer, has ample job opportunities in the infrastructure development projects in public and private sectors.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

The Diploma Programme in Mechanical Engineering seeks to provide more accessible and quality education and training to manufacturing/ production personnel to meet the real work needs of manufacturing/ production industry and prepare them for the changes in techniques, technologies, markets and employment patterns. This Programme has been designed to enhance quality and productivity of manufacturing/production personnel.

Mechanical Engineering is specifically concerned with design, development, installation, operation and maintenance of just about anything that has moveable parts. As a result, there are job opportunities for mechanical engineering diploma holders in practically every field of work. Mechanical Engineering projects can range from designing heart valves and artificial limbs, clockwork radio and dentists drills to building racing cars, jet engines or space module.